We created the world's
first sniffer cube!

We created the world's
first sniffer cube!

It is here that the first sniffer cube in the world was created. We implement our original projects and we are also open to your ideas. We surprise with the quality and durability of our products.

The Sniffing Matt

Is a double-sided, very dense olfactory toy, made of lots of thick, soft fleece strips between which you can hide your dog’s favourite treats. It will provide your dog with long minutes of sniffing work.

The sniffing Cube

Is our original project and our biggest HIT! It is a sensational and revolutionary combination of the olfactory mat with the sniffing pompom! It rolls and „runs away”, effectively encouraging the dog to play. It allows you to choose the degree of difficulty depending on the dog’s skills and self-confidence. Finding all the treats will take your dog a lot of time, will make him tired mentally, discharge excess energy and relax it pleasantly.

THE Sniffing cube with pockets

Is a fleece dog toy, full of pockets and nooks and crannies – different on each side of the cube. The cube with pockets has a higher level of difficulty and is intended for more patient dogs. The dog’s favourite treats or food (hidden inside) will bring it a lot of satisfaction and a solid nose training.

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products from our offer

Outdoor Waterproof Mat

Is a soft and practical dog bedding made of waterproof fabric. Filled with 400 g/m2 wadding, which will protect the dog from cold or wet ground outside. After being rolled up and fastened with sewn elastic bands, it takes up little space, which makes it ideal for outdoor training, holiday trips, as a car mat which protects the car from dirt or as a bed in a dog’s favourite corner at home.


Sniffing mat with pockets

Is a sewn in Poland, machine-made mat with lots of sniffing puzzles for a dog. It can contain countless of your dog’s favourite treats, and its task will be to find them all. The non-slip bottom and the padding made of wool make the dog’s work easier, and the Velcro fastening and sewn-on handles make it easy to carry and store the mat.


The Sniffing ball

Is a huge number of strips made of thick, strong fleece, between which a whole dog’s meal can fit. It is a toy that will draw every dog’s ​​into a long search for the delicacies hidden in it. To make it more difficult for your dog, just wrap the treats in the pompom’s strips. 

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