To play, you need your dog’s favourite treats, which all you have to do is hide between the fleece strips of the Sniffer and give it to your dog.

The dog’s job is to smell them out.

Initially, treats should be placed shallow, so that the dog had a chance to familiarize himself with the idea of searching.

As the dog gets into the treats, you can insert them deeper and tuck them between the strips.

To make the dog’s work more difficult, the treats can also be wrapped in fleece strips.


The olfactory games perfectly satisfy the need for sniffing. They soothe and relax the dog.

They allow you to vent the dog’s excessive energy without unnecessary winding up.

They will work for dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes, temperaments, physical conditions and advancement levels.

They encourage the dog to exercise its sense of smell and extremely mobilize the dog’s mind to work.

At the same time, they provide the mental stimulation necessary for the dog’s mental balance.

As a result, they make the dogs tired physically and mentally and discharge the dog’s excess energy.

Properly selected (and often varied) games provide completely new stimuli, better than dogs have on a daily basis.

They allow dogs to familiarize with different smells and structures (which is especially useful when you socialize puppies).

If the dog is a fussy eater, it is possible to offer it a meal hidden within the sniffing toy – getting food on their own brings a lot of satisfaction to dogs, which may encourage them to eat.

Or, on the contrary: if the dog eats food too greedily, the meal served in the olfactory toy will slow eating down.

The sniffing entertainment is ideal for the period of illness, rehabilitation, injury (of both the dog and the owner) and when there is no possibility for the dog to run outside. A dozen or so minutes of olfactory activity make a dog tired like a long walk!

They also provide a dose of entertainment on days when you simply do not have time for a long walk or training.

And finally, they can help your dog learn to stay at home or in a cage on its own, and when the dog handler is struggling with separation anxiety in their dog.



The sense of smell is the strongest sense in dogs and it starts working almost immediately after a puppy is born – it is thanks that the baby dog gets to the mother’s milk.

Sniffing is a basic need of dogs, as well as getting food and hunting needs.

Using their noses is necessary for dogs to maintain their psychophysical balance, it brings them lots of joy and satisfaction, so it is worth letting the puppy snoop around freely (e.g., on the walks) or organize olfactory games at home – without age restrictions.

Even two-month-old baby dogs can perfectly cope with looking for delicacies in our Sniffers.

The olfactory games will be of great benefit to “canine toddlers”:

  • they teach focus and concentration,
  • build self-confidence,
  • arouse curiosity about the world,
  • reduce anxiety,
  • teach the puppy to solve problems,
  • develop creativity,
  • calm down, de-stress, relax,
  • help build a relationship with your puppy through playing together.


Sniffers can be used:

  • to learn how to stay at home or in a cage on their own,
  • to relax when guests come home
  • to train a small but already perfectly working nose,
  • to slow down eating meals too greedily,
  • to learn concentration,
  • to make use of the excess puppy energy.


IMPORTANT! The level of difficulty must be adjusted to the puppy’s skills and predispositions and it is important to make the olfactory sessions short – too long and difficult ones can discourage and overload the dog.


The sniffers are made of strong, thick fleece and will withstand moderate dog tugging.

However, if the dog has a predisposition to destroy objects, it shouldn’t be left with the Sniffer in the absence of the handler.


Yes, all our products can be washed at a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius and can also be tumble dried.